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It was a special night for Halloween City, for all of the witches, ghouls and monsters to celebrate the scares they've caused to humans of the world. Everyone gathered around the water fountain to introduce the Pumpkin Prince, Skellington the Kid, who arose from the waters of the fountain. Everyone cheered for him, including a purple haired rag doll lass who had eyes for him.

"That was fun!" A black cat in a witch's hat replied
"Another year for a great scare! Excellent job, son!" The prince's father, who was also the mayor, added
"I could do better scares than that!" A cyan-haired scarecrow claimed
"Don't get too cocky." The witch with the pigtails answered back
"Meow, you are a witch's dream, Kid." The cat adds
"Why thank you." The prince answered back.

The purple haired rag doll was facinated by the boy, until a hand grabbed hers which it turned out to be a man who looked like a mad scientist with lots of stitches and a giant screw on his head.

"That Night Shade you slipped into my tea wore off. I told you not to leave my sight, Luna." the scientist added
"Let me go, Stein!"
"No, you are coming with me!"

"No, i'm not!" Luna pulled one of her stiches, released her left arm the doctor grabbed and ran off, which left the doctor on the ground after he fell. Meanwhile, the citizens were still amazed by Kid's work of scaring people, which made him uncomfortable as he was almost cornered, but they stopped and became distracted by his father's announcements and awards. This was Kid's chance to sneak off while the crowd was distracted. He then walks off, sees the undead musicians and gives them a quarter.

"Nice job, Daddy's boy." One of them said.
"Ah, thank you, but it's always the same, every year." The boy replied while going to the graveyard. Meanwhile, the purple haired lass with the missing arm sits behind one of the tombstones, when all of a sudden, when she hears someone entering the yard, Luna hides behind the stone and only to see Kid himself enter. He walked towards two stones with the faces of two girls.

"Hey Liz, Hey Patty." The two ghosts appeared and sees him look disappointed.
"What's wrong, Kid? You look down." The tallest responded
"It's nothing, you wouldn't understand."
"Yes we would. We're your friends."
"It's just that.....every year it's the same thing."
"So? Isn't that a good thing? I mean, you are the Pumpkin Prince, you know, scaring humans every Halloween."

"That's the problem, I just wish, that we could celebrate something else other than Halloween. I want to explore new things in this world. I know that, there is something, somewhere out there, waiting for me."
After he left and walked into the mysterious woods with the ghosts following him, Luna felt sad for the boy.

"Oh Kid, I know how you feel." The girl collected more Deadly Night Shade from the site and went back to her home where the mad scientist lived. She puts the Night Shade into a pot and hid it, then quickly closes it as soon as she hears Stein coming.

"Luna. Are you there?"
"Yes, Stein."
"I see you're back."
"Yes, sir."
"Were you looking for your arm?" He held up her missing arm.
"Yes, I was."
"Well then, follow me." Luna followed the doctor to his station, as he was stitching up her arm.

"This has been twice this week you've ran from me."
"You mean three times." Luna replied
"Whatever the case, I made you. You have no business to run off like that!"
"I'm sorry that so curious about new things! You shouldn't have made me a teenager, Stein!"
"DOCTOR Stein. And you know it's dangerous out there, but don't worry, it'll phase out soon enough when you get older." He finished up stitching Luna's right arm.

"There, finished. Now go to your room." The rag doll went into her room as her creator told her, and finds a male figured ghost appearing before her.
"So, what did you do this time?" He asked
"Not now, Ryder. I'm already upset."
"At least the doc didn't find out you have a crush on Kid."
"I-it's not a crush! It's a romantic feeling inside of me. Anyways, you better not tell him about it!"
"Which one, pretty boy or your crazy dad?"
"Neither!" She throws a book at him, however it went through the ghost.
"Ha! You cant hit me because i'm dead."
"Whatever, you're still an idiot."
"So where's Kid now?"
"In the woods."

The next day, while still walking in the forest, Kid woke up to wonder where was he currently and the female ghosts were still behind him.

"Where am I?" He questioned
"We are still in the woods." Liz answered
"You were sleepwalking." Patty also added
"Somewhat like that, Kid." The tallest said. The boy stopped and looked around trying to find a way to go back.
"Hey sis." The shortest whispered
"Yeah, Patty?"
"Aren't we supposed to be ghost dogs in this story? Like in the movie?"
"Patty! Don't ask questions like that."
"You just don't. It's secret."
"Oh, okay!"
"I see something up ahead!" The prince runs up further to see more mysterious trees with holiday symbols on them.
"Ooh! Pretty!" The shortest replied
"What do these symbols mean?" Liz asks

"I'm not sure." He looks at all of the trees, but spotted one in particular and got closer towards it. This tree had a picture of a green tree with colored balls, a star on top and presents on the bottom. The prince found a door knob and opened it, to find nothing in it.

"Kid? You okay?" Liz responded
"There's nothing in here." He takes back his words when a cold wind and snowflakes blew in his face and was immediately was sucked in.

"Kid!" The two shouted his name as many times as they can, but the boy was entered into a new world.


Funny Fact: Patty broke the 4th wall in this story. XD


Death the Kid/ Skellington the Kid

Luna Vermillion (My OC)/ Luna (or Lunally, kinda like Luna plus Sally. XD)

Maka Alburn/ Witch #1

Blair/ Witch #2 (in Cat form)

Ryder Foster (My OC)/ Ghost!Ryder

Liz and Patty/ Ghost!Liz and Patty

Lord Death/ Mayor Death

Arachne/ Oogie Arachne (? Arachne Bogie?)

Erika Frog, Mizune and ??? (Lock, Shock, Barrel)

Dr. Stein/ Mad Scientist Stein

EDIT: Marie/ Stein's second creation AKA wife (at the end)


Hope you like it!

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